December Sunrise at digital.forest

The past two days have been a bit surreal. Seattle got socked with a big snow, not long after our big snow up in the foothills. The boys arrived safely in Colorado for their holiday visit to their Grandparents… but I got stuck at the office Thursday night as snow piled up all around us. The roads were insane, which I could plainly see outside my office window. A small sub-set of the staff made it to the office and it was a light-hearted fun day and night. I awoke before dawn this morning and seeing that it was clearing, ran outside and setup my time-lapse gear to grab the above footage. I decided after the sun rose to add a twist to the movie by “sliding” down the hill, making a two-layer set of movement in the video. My camera mount did not allow for smooth movement so it is not as good as it should be but I’ll get that sorted out.

Later I had to post on our support blog about our staffing situation and figured I’d throw the video on there for good measure.