Never mind the dust…

Sharp-eyed observers may note some changes here as I’m playing with some features and customizing tools with the website.

Don’t panic if something breaks… it’s just me. 😉

OK, other than the category drop-down menu borking up the sidebar scaling (I’ll fix that eventually)… how do you like the changes?

3 thoughts on “Never mind the dust…”

  1. heh… no I’ve actually had that “buy me a beer” widget running on the site for about 9 months… I just could not figure out how to make it appear properly and where I wanted it (I’m still not that happy with how it looks.) I usually tried to put it at the bottom of “more substantive” posts to the website – rally stories and whatnot. But it just would not work. I finally got it working though after this most recent site update. I still couldn’t make it appear on the posts that I wanted, so I stuck it in the side bar.

    Oddly enough within MINUTES of me leaving it “on” for more than a few seconds to check functionality a reader “bought” me TWO beers! (Thanks Bruce!) Mind you of the $3.50 PayPal takes 40¢(!) so I don’t think I’ll get a 1:1 donation to beer ratio. 😉

    I figured it would be a fun thing to put up there as I love interacting with my readers, sort of like we’re all sitting in a pub having a beer and chat… telling stories, and occasionally buying a round. I’d buy a beer for any of you folks if we ever meet! (and some of us do, “Mad Dog” and I go out for a beer about once a month.)


    PS: and yes, the economy sucks, but I’d rather not talk about that. =P

  2. I’ve had to move back to an older and smaller screen iBook (1024 x 768) to do most of my reading of the web pages… and like another person on the list, who commented n the past, the photos can’t be scrolled right when they are too wide… and the words in side menu cover them… a bit of a bugger but I can drag the photo to the desktop and open in another app to scale it to full screen… so not the end of the world.

    the rest looks OK – but the beer thing looks a little out of place to the overall style… good idea but looks a little ugly to me

    keep up the good work though – always a good read


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