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A very busy day today at work. We had some scheduled maintenance performed on our UPS systems. That in and of itself is not a big deal, it is just that last time we did maintenance on our UPS system something went completely sideways on us. Once burned, twice shy as they say.

I did my usual documentation and communication gig, which kept me moving back and forth between the datacenter and my desk to post updates. At the urging of a few clients I also tried out a new coms channel, namely Twitter. If you wish to follow what’s happening at a micro-level at the d.f facilty, go here.

On a totally unrelated note, my back is killing me. In a way I’ve never felt before. It is like I have a knife stuck between my left shoulder blade and my spine. Nothing I do seems to make the constant pain go away. I’ve tried mild OTC pain killers, I’ve tried ice, & heat. I’m trying bourbon at the moment. I had a herniated disc once, and that was much more painful, but this is in some ways worse as it just won’t stop.

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  1. Chuck, if ever you were to hed some advice from me, heed this bit; I’ve had a rotten back for a looooong time (since about ~1977, thanks, car bidness) and the *only* thing that made a long-term improvement (besides getting the F outta the car bidness!) was multiple sessions with a osteopath. Notice I did not say chiropracter, for IMHO, there are very few of those who AREN’T quacks.

    My DO (a guy I met racing in SCCA) worked on my back (just recently for a Tweety-induced re-inflammation of my sciatica) and he’s a miracle worker!

    VERY worth finding a good D.O and stay with it.

    Also, 25 sit-ups a day….the lower abdominals are what support the lower back.

  2. Ever heard of ‘referred pain?” I suffered a LOT of that, perceived in my upper back, but it was lower, in origin.

    In any case, best to hie thee off to a good DO and have it looked at. Try a stronger bourbon, in the meanwhile….!

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