Still Life with Cranks

What turns yours?

Unlike previous “still life” engine porn shots this one is something of a snuff film…

…and also a bit personal.

That pair of cranks you see are from my engine. The one at the bottom came out, and the one at the top went in. This was several years ago when I had Geoff Pickard of Chilliwack, British Columbia open up my engine. It started with a knock that seemed to be coming from the #5 cylinder wrist pin bushing. Once the engine was open a veritable house of horrors was discovered, including this badly worn crank.

I’m still angry, so many years later. Angry that my father paid so much money to a restorer who did nothing but botch and bungle this job. Literally everywhere we looked in this engine we found just plain shoddy workmanship. It wasn’t confined to the engine either, as I’ve spent the past several years rebuilding or replacing a lot of other parts of the car too, suspension, brakes, etc. The car ran. It just didn’t run for long. Maybe someday I’ll get over it.

I’m not holding my breath though.

One thought on “Still Life with Cranks”

  1. “Maybe someday I’ll get over it.”

    It didn’t happen to me, or my wallet, and *I’M* still pissed off about it; I take it kinda personal when a fellow wrench so completely screws the pooch on someone’s baby. It is shameful, and you’ve EVERY right to be angered by it.

    I’m angered and always will be, about the clown who supposedly ‘properly repaired’ the bodywork on Tweety, back in 1970, but just eneded up doing a TERRIBLE job and charging my (now dead) parents’ good money to have done it correctly. Hell, if I can keep a good healthy hard-on for that miscreant, lo these many years on, you can do the same for your dad, too!

    If you *EVER* feel as if you’re over it? Come to me, friend, and I’ll remind you why, although to forgive is divine, to never forget is necessary, too.

    Kinda like I am with the Republicans….and with more than my share of Democrats!

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