Some Vintage Seattle Laughs.

Back in the early Holocene (aka the 80s & 90s) we had a wonderful sketch comedy show on TV here in Seattle called ‘Almost Live!‘ I remember it airing on KING5 Saturday nights before SNL, and on Sunday evenings. When Internet video first appeared clips showed up here and there, and even early YouTube had some of the more famous bits (“Mind Your Manners, with Billy Kwan”, “High Fivin White Guys”, “Uncle Fran’s Musical Forest”, etc) but it seems they were relentlessly DMCA’s off the net. KING5’s website had a buried Almost Live section for a while a few years back too, but it seems to have vanished. Recently though it appears that quite a few folks have digitized home collections and posted them to YouTube. The most prolific of which can be found here.

Great stuff here… I could while away hours watching it. Good times.

2 thoughts on “Some Vintage Seattle Laughs.”

  1. Huh. Cooda sworn that, back in my geology classes, the early 80s/90s was referred to as the early-to-mid Datacene.

    As for SNL being funny? Last time I saw that happen (the “Palin’ year a notable exception) was the early Datacene, with Mike Meyers doing “Sprockets.”

    Now…ve dance!


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