4 thoughts on “Still Life with Manifold”

  1. This was shot in very low/bad light, with the old Olympus C-5050 back in 2008, at a garage of a guy in Stanwood, WA who is restoring a 540K Special Roadster. (More accurately he is building a Special Roadster from parts of other 540Ks.) I have no idea what the status of the job is these days.

  2. All that lovely engine turning. They must have paid workers a lot less in those days. Can you image a manufacturer doing that today? Only if a robot could do it. It would be a mind-numbing job, I would think.

  3. Oh, Rog, trust me: doing engine turning (competently) on a *flat* surface is mind-numbing: doing it on ~curved~ surfaces borders on mind deranging! A fellow J-L’er did it to his sump on his E Type and were it not for the fact I KNOW better, I’d do it to mine!


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