Apple releases Camera Raw for Panasonic Lumix G1

I noted last week that Apple finally released compatibility in Aperture & iPhoto for RAW files from the Panasonic Lumix G1 series cameras. I haven’t used the RAW features of my G1 much yet, as there has been no way to handle them in my workflow. Now that I can, I think I will.

I attended every user conference session I could that featured Aperture workflows and RAW format work at Macworld last week (when I wasn’t teaching MacIT sessions that is!) I REALLY want to start handling all my images in RAW to avoid the destructive nature of the JPEG format work I’ve been doing since I went digital back in the day. Until now I really couldn’t. I’ve installed the new update, and have requested a 30-day trial of Aperture 3.0. I’ll let you know how it goes!

4 thoughts on “Apple releases Camera Raw for Panasonic Lumix G1”

  1. I’ve been working in RAW for just less than 2 years, even when I first got my digital SLR, I shot jpeg for smaller file sizes and fast processing. Now that I have a little more computing horsepower I’m shooting RAW all the time.

    Here’s a take on raw vs. jpeg that leans toward jpeg,

    Though for real quality Ken would tell you to just shoot on film 🙂

    I’m looking forward to trying Aperture 3. Aperture 1 was a real dog and I ignored 2 completely. The current iPhoto is actually quite good for my needs but since I can get an NFR of Aperture all I lose is time to play with it.

  2. My brother’s a certified Apple trainer in Aperture: email me if you’re interested in contacting him.

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