Farewell Aperture, for now.

At least this houseguest cleans up after itself!

My 30-day Apple Aperture trial expired. I ended up deciding not to buy the software though. Why?

$199 seems steep for an application that runs like molasses on my fairly well-spec’ed machine; a MacBook Pro 2.53GHz with 4 GB of RAM. I like Aperture’s RAW editing features. Once I got the hang of them that is. But… damn this application is slow. This was with a library of less than 100 photos. I note that iPhoto bogs down once its library exceeds 5000 images. Aperture was dog slow right from the very first image.

Every once in a while I would see some moment of brilliance, and think I was falling in love with the software. Then it would smack me with a spinning cursor and drive me away. I would hope that a trial period would show you all the reasons to love a new product, but in this case it just drove me back to using iPhoto + Photoshop.

I’m open to being convinced otherwise, so feel free to chime in if you have a differing opinion.

6 thoughts on “Farewell Aperture, for now.”

  1. I have 30k+ images in my library and i must say it runs fine. I did have some issues with the trial, but none since buying the upgrade and applying the 3.0.1 update …

  2. Chuck: slow on import, slow when browsing, slow when updating image after adjustments, beach ball of death … crashes and a corrupted library. But after i registered and ran the updates no problems what so ever. Running on a unibody macbook pro 2.53 GHz and a MacPro … both had issues with the demo…

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