Vonnegut turns the last page….

RatcliffeBlog—Mitch’s Open Notebook: Vonnegut turns the last page….

I just now learned via Mitch’s blog that Kurt Vonnegut has died. Very sad.

His gentle humor inspired me as a young adult. My son Chris has become as voracious a reader as I was at his age. I’m compelled now to create a care-package of Vonnegut books to send to him in Chile. That is probably the best thing I could do to honor Vonnegut’s memory.

I actually had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Vonnegut, ironically at Texas Tech when I was a student there. He was wonderfully entertaining and very informative. He spoke as well as he wrote. There are several passages from his books which are firmly lodged in my imagination, particularly from Deadeye Dick, Slaughterhouse Five, and Galapagos. They spring into my thoughts constantly and make me smile, or ponder.

Goodbye Mr. Vonnegut.

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