Apologies Dear Reader!

Since mid-summer my life has been… topsy-turvy… and you dear reader, have suffered for it.

Both Sue & I found new jobs – 500 miles away from the place we have called home for over twenty years. I joined Facebook as part of the new datacenter in Prineville, Oregon, and Sue will be a Public Defender in Jefferson & Crook Counties of Oregon. This lead to a search for a new domicile, and an attempt to sell our old one. All the while I’ve been “on the road”, having spent several weeks in Silicon Valley and Northern Virginia at Facebook’s existing datacenters learning the ins and outs of Facebook’s systems.

Finding a new home also meant finding a new school for Nick. A huge life-change for a 16 year old, deeply involved in academics and athletics.

We found a wonderful home in the hills SE of Bend, Oregon. Sue can board her horse nearby, Nick has X-C coaches that are awesome, and I have a pleasant, two-lane twisty back road commute to work, with stellar views of mountains and hills.

Selling our old house became an exercise in futility (we’re trying to rent it now).
Buying a new place became an exercise in frustration (banks are not lending money anymore).

Sue’s mother passed away suddenly in August while I was in Virginia. She had just been at our home in Washington and seemed to be doing very well. Quite sad.

Nick & I lived in a hotel in Bend for two weeks in early September while he started at his new school.

We moved in Mid-September, Sue & Chris arriving with pets, and a moving truck arriving with our goods. (We’re still unpacking.)

Chris returned to college at the end of September.

Now, once again, I’m in Virginia for several weeks.

Sue starts her new job soon, and …hopefully… life should return to some semblance of normality by the end of October. We’ll all be in the same place, and settled into a semi-normal schedule.

The short end of the stick for all of you is that my writing here has been minimal, and spotty. I hope to change that asap. I post to Facebook often, so FB users can always follow me there, but I try to reserve this space for more in-depth thoughts, “Car photo of the day/name that car” stuff, and of course, car adventures. All of the above will resume soon. Apologies for the dearth of posts of late, but I’m sure you understand.

Thanks for hanging in there!

2 thoughts on “Apologies Dear Reader!”

  1. Chuck, I’m sure I speak for your band of crazy followers: We ALL feel no sliught, whatsoever! You’ve had a palletful of issues, challenges, and you’ve done what I can ONLY imagine as a yeoman job of remaining sane, whilst doing it.

    My best to all your great family, for the huge changes you’ve all been through: reminds me of my Zen teachjer, who said we only grow in response to change, and the greater the change, the greater the growth.

    Keep on, keepin’ on!

    Now, a bit of Joe Cool for ya!

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