Shooting the Moon

I lugged my whole time-lapse rig out to Virginia from Oregon, but I have a cable or camera problem. It doesn’t work. I had hoped to get some good sunset and aircraft footage, as my hotel is just off a runway at Dulles. Oh well.

Tonight however I was treated to a gorgeous crescent moon, so I snapped the telephoto on the G1, got out my free-standing monopod (neat trick eh!?) and shot the moon.

The results are sort of … meh… but there were a few sketchy keepers in there. Here you go:

A jet on approach to DCA flying over the moon.

A long exposure shot with several aircraft. Note the monopod wobble.

Moonset over Ashburn, VA. 10-10-10. Shot from my hotel window, Panasonic Lumix G1 45-200mm lens @ 128mm, 6 - 60 second exposures @ f/14 ISO100, blended in Photoshop using HDR processing. Aberrant first moon due again to monopod wobble.