My geek project @ work

Most days I’m a high-tech executive dealing with the day-to-day operations of my company. Occasionally I get to do a little geek fun on the side though. Here is my latest one:


I set up an old Mac Mini with Boinx Software’s iStopMotion in my office yesterday, and today packaged it into a weatherproof container:

That was before I closed it up, so you can see the insides. 😉

We mounted it up on the roof, here:

That is the base of a 19″ telco rack bolted to the roof screenwall.

It is running a test timelapse now. I’ll post a link to the result soon.

Here it is:

7 thoughts on “My geek project @ work”

  1. Cool! It would be handy if there were a date and time stamp on each frame. What is the purpose of this camera?

  2. I’m amused by how much your camera contraption evokes K9 from Dr. Who. Now it just needs to speak in John Leeson’s voice.

  3. Just a piece of expert advice: for long-term, outdoors projects, *never* use the kind of duct tape I see in the pix; ONLY use Gorilla brand duct tape..far superior, far stickier and lasts FAR longer in weather.
    For example, I *bashed* the rear quarterlight outta my Hyundai earlier this summer (noton purpose, it was a dumbass mistake, ask me how offline!!!); it being SIX HUNDRED dollars to replace (and not by me, dammit) I taped it up using Gorilla tape.
    STILL in perfect shape, no tears, not coming off.
    Failing that, use gaffer’s tape….great stuff, that!


  4. From the time lapse, I would guess this is a county government construction project? The progress sems on par, though there wasn’t that much loitering.

  5. heh… Roger the timelapse was just a test run, to make sure the camera was set up right and recording properly. We won’t have anything to show for a couple of weeks. The Government *is* holding up parts of this project though, as some permits are languishing on some City Engineer’s desk. We hope to have them dislodged soon. =\


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