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Just so you know, this isn’t exactly a technorati realm blog… according to Netcraft, this site ranks as the 8,717,350th most popular website on the planet!

That is going by the name, it ranks 8,789,401th by its other name

I stumbled upon this stat while doing some work investigating bandwidth usage by some of our clients. We have some folks that pull in a lot of traffic for reasons that are not readily apparent. Usually though they are really obvious, such as:

Adam Engst’s TidBITs at 69,044
Glenn F’s site weighing in at 99,231
The MacSlash boys at 10,542 (a shockingly high rank, way to go guys)
Shawn King’s Your Mac Life at 67,059
John Rizzo’s MacWindows resource site at 24,534
The Steves, who have several sites high in the rankings such as BidNip at 23,828, and at 56,623.
Perennial d.f favorites Car*Toys at 74,450
And at the top of the heap, Neoseeker at 4,045

The one that caught me by surprise? at 21,007

7 thoughts on “site rank”

  1. WOOHOO!!

    Number 410770!!!! I’m in the top half-million!

    Putting me ahead of such stellar sites like:, (Hey, beating porn is cool!)

  2. Hey Chuck, are these technorati stats, or from some other source? Or do I need to read more closely. Or all of the above.

  3. Hey Roger,

    You need to read closer… they are from Netcraft, a sort of meta-web-info thing. They gather stats on web server usage (“What is that site running?”), host location data, uptime data, netblock data, domain trends, etc. Like any research tool, their data can be suspect, so unlike John, don’t let their numbers pump your ego up (or down) too much.

    BTW, was that you commenting on the USSMariner blog? Dave, our sales VP and hard-core Mariner fan asked me who I know named Roger… you’re the only one.. I think.


  4. Yeah. I’m not real active over there, being essentially a fair-weather fan. Hm. Dare I see where my sites rank? Being a blockhead, I cannot find where to get a site’s ranking on netcraft. Dur.

  5. OK, figured it out. Interesting that they don’t have reports on certain domains, but I suppose someone would have had to inquire to them…

  6. I am wondering when I’ll be able to download the toolbar using chrome, I’d like to check my favorite cheat site’s rank and stats.(

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