No Comment, just comments requested

Yeah, I know that this is a big week for technology… especially Apple. Unfortunately I don’t have any comment because I’m too busy working in the technology business to have any time to comment at the moment. =)

I may be looking for some geek help next week though. Sue left her gig at the Skagit County Public Defender and is now a consulting Attorney for a Defender’s association. She’s also looking to pick up some private practice in Snohomish, and maybe Skagit counties. She’s looking at putting an ad in the yellow pages, but I was thinking that whipping up a quick website and buying some Google Ad Words might be a better use of her money. Especially since the phone directory people want like $500 a month(!) and it seems like with Google you are getting something more tangible in terms of traffic for your revenue.

Especially since what she specializes in… Minor in Possesion, DUI, etc. If she was doing estates, civil contracts, etc a phone book ad might be smarter… I don’t know.

I never look in the phone book anymore… I look online. I am a geek though, so maybe I am not the right test group for the experiment.