Still Life with Timing Chain

Since it isn’t engine parts I couldn’t really tag it with the “engine pR0n” label, but here on the work bench is a cornucopia of sexy vintage parts. Fuel filters, with glass bowls, gearbox parts, what looks to be an oil pump, and an old two-row timing chain. Likely from Ferraris given that it was photographed in the Markowski’s shop.


Engine pR0n of the Day: Carburettors Deux

I can not recall exactly what machine these carbs and intake manifold came off of, but I suspect it could have been a Bentley. They obviously come from a time betwixt the Brass & Classic eras. Perhaps Steve Markowski can chime in and let us know, as they were in his shop last time I was there.

I don’t know about you guys, but could look at stuff like this all day.

Jaguar XK engine head bolts (sort of engine pR0n bonus)

The question came up on the E-type mailing list this evening about the number of washers under the head bolts on early Jaguar 4.2L XK engines. Since I have one, I said I’d run and take some photos. So here they are.

Looks like just the one D-shaped thick washer Ben. Hope that helps.

The rest of you can just view this as more engine porn. =)

New Theme: Engine pR0n.

Oh yeah, baby, yeah.

I promised some photos of the engine of the Mercedes-Benz 540k Special Roadster a while back when it appeared as the “Car Photo of the Day”, and while digging I found all manner of photos I have of engines in various stages of undress. A light bulb went off over my head: “this is like porn for gearheads!” A new theme is born.

Much like the “Road Photo of the Day” theme I’ll write a bit and show some nice engines.

The above almost needs no explanation, as it is one of the iconic V-12s from Maranello. Enzo Ferrari always was an engine builder more than a car builder. To Enzo a car was merely a place-holder for his engines. He famously once said “Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines” but of course was forced to adopt them once his world-beating engines started losing to areo-equipped lesser machines.

Stay tuned for more!