Published: SNMP as Datacenter Facility Management Protocol

Just one of many ways of viewing SNMP data

This one slipped by me when it hit the inter tubes nearly a month ago. I wrote it back in February or so, shipped it off to my editor, and promptly forgot about it. My editor’s wife gave birth to their first kid, and my editor’s life changed far beyond his expectations (though in my defence I did warn him!) Anyway, after a delay it finally published early last month. TechTarget shuffles their site around so much that my RSS feed reader obviously has lost track, otherwise I should have been automatically notified. Oh well better late than never, here’s my take on what I considered to be the most important point of Datacenter Pulse’s “Top Ten” list for the industry (though they put it at #7, oh well):

Users demand SNMP standard-based monitoring for data center power and cooling equipment .

Yes, it is way off the beaten path my blog readers are accustomed to, but I do use some analogies you can understand!

And no John, I didn’t specify SNMP v3, if only to keep it simple. These are HVAC & Electrical guys, so I have to ease them into a new way of thinking first before I can get specific. 😉