Car Photo of the Day: Damp DB4

Wetness is a fact of life here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re used to it. Doesn’t prevent us from driving priceless cars around in the rain. Hell… it is just water… it isn’t like they will melt!

2 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Damp DB4”

  1. It has always been a puzzlement to me, those who abhor getting their toy cars wet/muddy/gooey. Maybe it’s my somewhat jaded POV concerning cars, in general. I just figure it this way; if I have an antique piano, the best and highest honor it can get…is to *play* it. Same with a Strad, if it’s not played, it goes bad.

    Therefore, even though a toy car may get wet/muddy/gooey with use, THAT’S what the thing is for, and I can *clean* it!

    To those who treat their cars as trailer queens (especially something as ‘common’ as an XKE, or any given Porch-cha), I simply feel a kind of disgust, as they don’t get it, or their love of the money the car reprsents clouds the vision of the designer of the car, not a ONE of which was meant to SIT.

    Kinda like David Wilcox’s song about polishing the fender of the Jaguar, while it goes nowhere….sad.

  2. fully agree with the comment above. There is a nasty trade-off between a very expensive car (e.g. 300 SL, certain Ferraris from the sixties) and a car which really can be put to some serious use, as it should be (Jaguar XKE, Merc pagodas, many others). The former unfortunately spent most of their times in collections / museums and are hardly moved at all. Indeed a pity, considering what those cars were originally built for.

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