What happened to the Conservative idea of smaller government?

Armored personnel carrier puts Germantown in state of readiness – Autoblog

Please tell me again how this represents smaller government? What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars! It seems to me like some boys wanted somebody else to pay for their toys. Unfortunately that somebody else is you and me. The Department of Homeland Security is the biggest waste of federal money ever created. This is bureaucracy that FDR, or even the Soviets, could only dream of!

This on top of “spend and spend” makes me wonder how conservative the current administration really is. They seem to be pretty damn liberal when it comes to spending money of goofy stuff like this.

6 thoughts on “What happened to the Conservative idea of smaller government?”

  1. just a random comment Chuck – ‘Germantown’ – you don’t think the main problem is in the name perhaps? 🙂


  2. Hey, maybe we can load up all the cops from that town in a C-5 along with their new Urban Assault Vehicle, and dump them over Afganistan! Perhaps THEY can find him.

  3. but ‘urban assault vehicles’ are really just Jeep Liberty’s and the like aren’t they? 😉

    but it is interesting how the focus has been shifting for George over the years – very much like my house renovation!! – when I get into a rut and bored with that bit of work…. I move onto something else!! – end result, many different projects being ignored and many many years later you still have an unfinished house. I think I might have a lesson for George… but probably too late.


  4. “Conservative” is definitely not referring to money. It’s one of the biggest lies ever pulled over on a gullible public, and people still eat it up.

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