Site Update tonight

Update Friday, January 30, 2009: The planned upgrade did not happen last night. I came down with a nasty sinus headache, and just drove home and went to bed. The work has been postponed until the weekend

breakin' out the toolkit...

Just an FYI I’ll likely do a software upgrade on the site tonight. I successfully ran the WP upgrade on a test blog last night and it went well. That site though is much smaller than this one, so I expect things to take longer here, and the possibility of downtime is higher. If the site vanishes for an hour or two, you’ll know why.

(and yes, I make backups. if everything goes tango-uniform I can back out of the upgrade.)

3 thoughts on “Site Update tonight”

  1. You going to WP 2.7? The admin interface is something to… get used to. At least it has automatic upgrade which is nice but I’ll probably keep using WPAU so hopefully your next upgrade wont be as… eventful.

  2. 2.7 yes. I actually LIKE the new admin UI. It brings back some of the earlier things I missed, notably the categories list on the right instead of the bottom. I would often post something with the wrong category and have to go back and fix it a day or two later!

  3. Sorry to hear of the sinus headache; yet another reason I’m intolerant of humid places, because when I’m in humidity, I *continually* get them.

    Chicken soup, CG…chicken sou:)

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