Road Photo of the Day: Vanishing Point (part 3)

Another photo from the smoky summer of 2006. I think I may be in violation of a law here, somewhere in the inland northwest.

8 thoughts on “Road Photo of the Day: Vanishing Point (part 3)”

  1. so how fast has the old girl gotten up to on these straight roads then?

    I can see why US cars of the past didn’t really get designed for corners with all these photos!


  2. um… faster than that. 😉

    The E-type feels very solid and comfy at triple-digit speeds. I have heard that around 140 they start getting light, and I’ve never experienced that myself, so that should give you an idea where my personal limits are found.

  3. Let me chime in here: At ~5000 feet altitude (1600 m) and at 138 MPH, measured by an old-fashioned third wheel, a coupe E will get *disturbingly* “light in the loafers.”

    Not a happy thing, trust me…

    A quick, effective fix is a chin spoiler, or ‘spook,’ as they were once called. At the trailing edge of the lower bonnet valance, a full-width, 1-inch long spoiler will kill most of that effect. A better, but not very streetable solution is a full width air dam and a rear spoiler.

  4. Wish I could have a straight line free of cars like this over here,…
    just to try. I went above the 3 digits but could not reach 140 yet (because of catching other cars and
    bends on the way) altough I still felt power for it. Obviously it would be a one time experience, and not a
    average travel speed 🙂

  5. All this talk of Vanishing Point has caused me to spend an inordinate time over at YouTube watching Kowalski in his Dodge Challenger. What a great piece of nostalgia. I’ve also been playing the final track (Segarini & Bishop’s “Over Me”) over and over. Fantastic! Didn’t like to see the E type crash, though…

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