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April 5, 2017

The Road To Utelle…

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An amazing road in France
An amazing road in France

Just wanted to share a glimpse of some of the roads I drove during a trip to France & Italy. More on that later. Meanwhile, just look at those switchbacks! It is all one road.

February 19, 2011

Car Photo of the Day: Cure for a grey, snowy day.

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Our mid-winter break of mild weather and sunshine is over. I put the studded snow tires back on the TDI and we’ve seen well over a foot of the white stuff. I did get the 65E out for a drive a few weeks ago… exploring roads I’ve never driven. It was wonderful, though a tad chilly with the top down. I’m looking forward to the end of winter so I can explore some more. Meanwhile, here is a shot of a summer’s evening drive up the Pacific Coast Highway in northern California a few years ago. Fond memories of that trip indeed.

September 25, 2009

Car Photo of the Day: XK on the Beartooth

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A discussion came up on a mailing list I’m on of places one should see before they die. I tossed in my contribution, which boils down to a list of highways one should drive. Always about the road with me I guess. Of course I listed CA 1/US 101 on the west coast, and the Cabot Trail on the east coast, but I also had to mention the Beartooth Highway on the Montana/Wyoming border just NE of Yellowstone Park. Truly one of the most spectacular drives on this continent.

What better way to see this road than in an open two seater vintage Jaguar? I’ve driven it twice in the E-type, one time accompanied by this Jaguar XK 140 pictured above.

March 27, 2009

Road Photo of the Day: Gone

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Not a great photo, due to the big blurry windscreen knob in the frame, but I was in a hurry to grab this still frame after this bit of movie-making:

That is Mark Collien and Francoise Reyns zooming by in my E-type. 😉

I really need to make some garage time to get my Jaguar prepped for the driving season. I haven’t done squat all winter!

March 17, 2009

Road Photo of the Day: Odd traffic jam.

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This unusual traffic jam occurred at the St. Mary’s entrance to Glacier National Park on the 2007 GTTSR.

Where else would you see a four vintage Jaguars and a Teepee in the same spot?

March 13, 2009

Road Photo of the Day: Vanishing Point (part 7)

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Lots to like about this photo, the light, the lines of contrails and road converging, two of the best cars ever built. I almost didn’t tag it with the “vp” moniker as it lacks the lonely drama of the others, but it does have that wide open spaces feel.

Shaun drives my car too slow you see, so everyone was passing us along this section of Montana highway as we approached Glacier Park from the east.

March 12, 2009

Road Photo of the Day: SR 14

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This photo was taken last summer while returning from the Monte Shelton rally in Oregon. My navigator had an important phone call to attend to, so I pulled over on this wide shoulder and got out of the car to soak in the views while my father carried on his business. A WSP officer pulled in ahead of us, also chatting on the phone.

This is SR 14 along the north bank of the Columbia River dividing Washington (this side) from Oregon (the far side) as it flows through the Cascade Mountains via the Columbia Gorge. Had things been slightly different a few months ago me and my whole family may have relocated to a spot not far from here. Alas my dream job did not work out and I’m still in the Puget Sound area. Nice roads in either place really.

SR 14 is a far more enjoyable alternative to Interstate 84 across the river. It has more tunnels, more curves, and it is on the sunny side of the river!

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