Car Photo of the Day: Cure for a grey, snowy day.

Our mid-winter break of mild weather and sunshine is over. I put the studded snow tires back on the TDI and we’ve seen well over a foot of the white stuff. I did get the 65E out for a drive a few weeks ago… exploring roads I’ve never driven. It was wonderful, though a tad chilly with the top down. I’m looking forward to the end of winter so I can explore some more. Meanwhile, here is a shot of a summer’s evening drive up the Pacific Coast Highway in northern California a few years ago. Fond memories of that trip indeed.

4 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Cure for a grey, snowy day.”

  1. Keep the faith! Warmer days will be with us soon.

    I took my convertible out for the first trip of the year today. Can’t wait until summer; I actually forgot how much I enjoyed the car.

  2. Suggestion: It would help locate the fotos I’d like to buy, if the CPoD had a number, either in the corner, or a title to search on.

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