9 thoughts on “It keeps getting better”

  1. Both, though Diesel is falling faster. It has been artificially high here for the past several years after the switch to ULSD. Now it is drifting back toward its historical position of cheaper than gasoline.

    No masses of Diesel cars though.

  2. Where are you seeing these kinds of diesel prices, Chuck? I don’t live that far from you and I can’t find anything close to this price.

    Yesterday’s local Shell prices were:

    2.15 regular
    2.27 plus
    2.41 super
    2.35 diesel

  3. and why the fractions at the end of the prices? why not just another 9? the decimal point isn’t there anyway…. unless people only like cents per gallon pricing? strange…


  4. Jerome, that’s long been a marketing thing in this country, prolly going back at least 60-70 years.

    And it works. I see fuel for “$1.89, 9/10,” and I *never* say, “Hey, I found fuel for a buck ninety! (which, for all intents an statistical purposes it IS!), I say, “Hey, I found fuel for a buck eighty nine!”

    Back in the late 70s, when it went over a $1, pumps weren’t set up to handle the higher prices, so you’d see gas for “$1.01, 4/10ths!”

    Wow…gas for a buck. I *am* old……!

  5. in the early 70’s we had to nominate a car-less day in he first oil shock… fun!

    the pricing of our fuel always ends in 9 also… but we use the decimal point…


  6. Finally saw diesel for the same price as regular today at the Duvall Safeway. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to snap a pic.

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