Car Photo of the Day: Sort of a Gremlin

Seen at the Tulip Rallye a few years back… might as well be a Gremlin. I’m sure it has its share of Gremlins! 😉

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14 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Sort of a Gremlin”

  1. Ah, the MG Metro. A Mini in a horrid frumpy dress. What a slight to a noble old marque! I was loaned one once in the early 90s when my daily driver Mini was being fixed: it gave new meaning to the term “dog box” (I’m not talking about the type of gear engagement here!). The turbo version was mildly entertaining. Can’t be compared with a Gremlin or Pacer though -that accolade is reserved for the Austin Princess.

  2. Yes photographic hara kiri is entirely possible with an Austin Princess. The Austin Allegro (All Aggro) might have a similar effect and the Morris Marina was a piece of junk too (almost redeemed by an MGB engine). I think you need to hold a “Worst cars of all time” poll/competition…

  3. I’m afraid I’m not that mad and I don’t want a dog (I’ve had my share of mechanical nightmares) and in addition I have the E to complete. If I had a spare $5000 I’d buy an MGB for running around. However I was just checking back to see if Roger had made an offer for the pair…

  4. “Very early car with black interior, very little rust for a UK car.”


    MG-o-philes must have hated the use of the badge on things like this…


  5. OOOO! OOO! I see one of my fave non-Jag 2-seaters; the Beemer Z8 in the upper left of the pic…yuuuuuMEE! got any good pix of it, CG?

  6. “Very little rust” in UK parlance generally means that only the front and rear subframes, the A panels, the rear wheel arches and the floor pan need to be replaced. If you’re lucky the doors and roof might be ok. The USA equivalent in understatement is “in need of some TLC” meaning a total restoration.

    BTW, did any of you guys make an offer yet…?

  7. MD, that’s called, in adverts, a ‘mechanic’s special.”

    RUN, Martha, ruuuuuuun……!!


  8. I love the “minor issue” for wish he created a special tool to deal with. I mean, I had a Saab I started with a screwdriver in the ignition switch but I didn’t consider that quaintness to justify a $5000 selling price…

  9. That should be, “which.” Unless you “wish” to read my post in a Foster Brooks voice in “which” case the original is just fine. :/

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