Intersections of Interest

Occasionally several of my personal and professional interests converge at one point. I enjoy making images. I enjoy telling stories. I enjoy technology. I make my living in the datacenter industry. I enjoy sharing all of these with others.

This week at work is the culmination of over a year’s efforts by my employer, and one of our clients. A medium-scale project is coming to fruition, involving the client, several contractors (Engineers, Mechanical, and Electrical contractors) our Sales & Operations teams, and mostly our Facilities Manager, who as always is able to make things happen timely and with a smile. My job? Capture it all, and present it as yet another example of what we can accomplish for potential clients: We’re flexible. We’re available. We’re here to serve the client’s needs, even if they are “off the price sheet” so to speak.

You can follow along on our Support Blog. First post is here. The second one is here. I’ll be posting again tomorrow with an update, and a wrap up later.

3 thoughts on “Intersections of Interest”

  1. By the way, please do not ask me who this project is for, or who any of our clients are for that matter. That information is confidential. We have permission to show stuff like this provided that no identifying data is portrayed or conveyed in any way. Logos, names, labels, etc are always removed. If you were a client, you would expect nothing less.

  2. ha – we have bigger dishes than those on our roof!!! some even rotate!!

    you might have the pipes but we have the dishes!!! 🙂


  3. VERY cool! Glad to see my organization is of use to you, one of the taxpayers for whom we are happy to provide said service to!

    We have a *very* expensive Leica GPS system that, with a base and a rover, we can locate spots on the Earth to WITHIN 1 cm….astounding! I like high tech!

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