“They are not too big to die, they are too big to survive”

Insightful comments, as always, from the man known as “Bob Cringely“.

I’ve been reading Stephens‘ work for well over 15 years, and have always enjoyed his style, his insight, and his humor. I appreciate his willingness to admit when he’s wrong (which, oftentimes he is) and his accessibility to his audience. We’ve exchanged emails a few times, usually with me calling him a “dipstick” (a legacy term from an old column of his) and correcting an error he’s made on some detail of our industry. He’s always acknowledged the corrections politely and the mistakes rarely, if ever, get repeated.

I like his optimism and his outlook, and really appreciate his comments here about allowing nature to take its course with regard to dying industries, be they financial, or automotive, you’ll note he doesn’t specify.

One thought on ““They are not too big to die, they are too big to survive””

  1. I find no place I disagree: the old paradigms are well and truly collapsing. Collapse is too often seen as ‘disaster,’ rather than ‘opportunity.’ I think your colo business is indiciative of that. I see it here, in the changes that are rapidly changing how earth scientists conduct their work.

    The King is dead, long live the King! And the King is?


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