Car Photo(s) of the Day: Weekend Stumpers.

Nick & I will were scheduled be gone all day long, at the All British Field Meet in Vancouver BC today. Meanwhile I’ll leave you with a bunch of mysteries for the carspotters to debate over while I’m gone working in the yard. Behave yourselves!

Note: This post was pre-written at lunchtime on Friday and set to go live around 7 am. Nick arrived home later in the day with an armload of homework, so he called off the trip to Vancouver. Enjoy the photos and good luck. (I’ll check in and see how the carspotting is going occasionally.)

Cunningham C3 Vignale Coupe

1941 Buick Special

An old Volvo with a Ford V-6 dropped in

Daimler 250 SP Dart

1915 Brewster Town Landaulet

Interior of a Mazda Cosmo

1941 Lincoln Phaeton Limousine

Seagrave Fire Engine circa 1927-1932

Rusty old Jeep straight six engine from an old Wagoneer

My Jetta in the street, but a real oddball on the driveway! The Mazda Cosmo

7 thoughts on “Car Photo(s) of the Day: Weekend Stumpers.”

  1. top to bottom:

    -Volvo 544, w/ a Ford V-6
    -Something RHD…!
    -Caddy V-12
    -Straight 8, dual-plugged G.O.K
    -Pontiac Sprint straight 6, one of the WORST engines ever!
    -Mazda Cosmo

    How’d I do? I think I got 20%!

  2. Yes.
    Maybe (have to look at my notes),
    YES (damn… I thought it would be hard!),
    heh… no
    (another I have to check notes on),
    kind of!,

  3. The hood shape, plus the location/form of the battery box was a dead giveaway on the 544.

    That in-line OHC engine definitely looks GM-ish (rockers), though….?

  4. OK…really stumped me, there!

    Also, (“Guess 2.0”) is the V-12 a ’40-’41 Lincoln?

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