Car Photo of the Day: Bug-splattered Brit

I’m working from home today. Give me a chance to brew up a batch of BioDiesel, and maybe clean the last dirt off the Jaguar between emails and phone calls. Tomorrow I’m heading up to Vancouver BC for the All British Field Meet. I haven’t been in 3 years, and honestly wasn’t planning on it, but Nick asked if we could go. If any readers see us there, stop and say hello!

Above is a shot of the “wing” of a Triumph TR4A, seen at the Going To The Sun Rally in Montana. The photo was taken almost exactly in the same spot as the Allard photo from yesterday, just facing 180° the other way, and two years apart!

3 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Bug-splattered Brit”

  1. Beautiful Brit, but that would be a TR-250 (stripe and cladding). I’ve owned two (and a half) and miss it every minute of every day. Looking for a basket case to bring back to life…

    BTW, I should introduce myself: I’m one of the creepy multitude that’s lurked your blog for seemingly years due to the beautiful pics, E-Type lust, and affinity for your part of the world. Hi.


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