Car Photo of the Day: Weekend Stumper.

This one is either going to be real easy, or real hard.

This car is fairly unique. I saw it at a museum, and there’s a tiny bit of detail here that is a key to its identity. Do you know what car this is?

9 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Weekend Stumper.”

  1. Is it a steam car? The goofy looking ‘valves’ through the louvres and the funny-looking structure behind look like a boiler and valves to me….

  2. Doble would have been my guess too, since Stanleys, AFAIK, never had a ‘standard’ radiator shell.

  3. Actually Jerome’s WAG is right on. It is a Stanley. In fact it is a 1916 Stanley Steamer 726 Roadster. I also thought they all had that snub nose without a standard looking grille, but I guess fashion caught up with them at some point.

  4. Huh..learn sumfin new, EVERYDAY!

    I notice it was equipped with the Federalized, de-Ben Hur’ed knockoffs, WAY before it was required in 1968. Nifty lil safety lock, too!


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