Snowed in.

The reason the site hasn’t been updated of late is because I’ve been offline. We were hit with a big snowstorm (about 16″-18″ of wet heavy snow… a lot for these parts) and very cold temps, low last night was 11°F, (-11.6°C) and the high yesterday was 18°F (-7°C). Our power is out, which means no heat, no lights, no water. Ironically I do have Internet access as our cable is still working, but honestly blogging is really low on the priority scale right now.

I promise I’ll tell the whole tale once the thaw comes and power is restored.


3 thoughts on “Snowed in.”

  1. And now I hear on the news this AM (11/30) you’ve now set an all-time November record for precipitation. Yay. I bet yer excited…keep the chin up, Chuck!

  2. We only got about 9″ down here at sea level, and that is slowly dripping away now. Learned my UPS doesn’t play with generators…have a new one on the way.

    Good luck, being without power does suck.

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