Breaking News: The New Starter WORKS!

I realize I have yet to finish writing the story of our Father-Son Road Trip, but I have a major announcement to make. After a week of hot, difficult work; truly an epic mechanical struggle, I’m happy to share this quick video of the first test-firing of my replacement starter. Now you can all join me in a brief Happy Dance! 😀

Now that this major milestone has been passed, this hurdle has been cleared, I promise I’ll wrap up the story of our road trip as soon as possible.

Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Happy Happy Happy Dance!

5 thoughts on “Breaking News: The New Starter WORKS!”

  1. happy happy happy! well done Chuck!

    100F – ouch that is hot Chuck – that must have been fun!

    thinking of your starter issues over the years… seeing where it hides I’m guessing that it is the heat in the engine bay that kills them? and not just bad electrical design alone…. no way of shielding it somehow? or ducting more air even to it? or both…


  2. Good job, Chuck!

    My car arrives today (Monday) at noon. Fingers crossed all will be well. I’m a bit nervous and ridiculously excited. At least the temperature has cooled off: last Thursday it was 106°F in my driveway. See you in Portland…we can do a Happy Dance together to celebrate getting my Cat out of a 10 year confinement! Yay!

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