Car Photo of the Day: Hero Shot of a Bum Car.

OK, not really a bum, but let’s just say it wasn’t highly regarded or well-loved outside of a small group of car enthusiasts. Pretty easy guess, but do you know the car?

Sorry for the lack of updates of late. Since my return from the two recent Jag-trips I’ve been enmeshed in the never-ending deck-rebuild project, work, and visits by relatives. I’ll get back to updating the website (in more ways than one!) soon. I have to write up the Monte Shelton Rally story, and I also need to update WordPress asap. Be patient while I hammer and saw behind the scenes.

5 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Hero Shot of a Bum Car.”

  1. Yup, that’s a Cadillac Allante. It’s an ’87 – ’92, as it has the faux side vent window.

    I’ve been reading this site for a while, but just registered and signed up. Love the blog, Chuck!

  2. Believe me, Mark there was a FAR worse understeerer: ANY pre-’83 Subaru…simply one of the *worst* handling cars, EVER. My ’57 DKW was FAR better a handling vehicle (nay, far beter than any front-driver, up til the 80s) than an early Soobie.

    Even won an ice race in my ’55…;)

  3. Agreed, vroomie…piloting those Soobs was like dancing with the Statue of Liberty. I submit for your consideration my parents’ wood vinyl-on-white ’75 Datsun F-10 wagon, FWD with NO power assist steering of any kind. Even at speed it was terrible, and made my buddy Doug’s Corn Binder Travelall seem absolutely Olds 98-like in comparison.


  4. least one could change the clutch in an F-10/310 in 45 minutes! It made up for that by needing a $500 labor bill, to replace leaky heater control valves, which cost $5.

    WORST car Datsun ever made….


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