Car Photo of the Day: Composition is everything.

The Whole Shot.

I’m posting this image for two reasons. One is because it shows one car from a different angle that appeared in the last CPotD… and I’m not talking about the Jaguar in the foreground. The white car behind it is the subject here. I had thought it was a Turner, and Paul ID’ed it as a Triumph. I was going to say he was wrong, but I looked again. I REMEMBERED a Turner being in this rally (The 2007 Monte Shelton) and just assumed it was this car appearing behind the Jaguar. I looked closely at my pics of the Turner and this car is NOT a Turner. I looked for any other white convertible from that weekend and could only find these two photos. It very well could be a TR, but I’m not sure enough to call it.

I also looked at this photo and saw two photos. One was just a record/snapshot sort of thing to make note of the cars and people, the other, more likely what I was looking at while I was peering through the viewfinder was this:

The shot within the shot...

This is the photo in my minds-eye whenever I see an XK. That luscious bonnet and fenders, with all those light-capturing curves. These cars are a photographer’s dream for this feature alone.

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  1. Definitely not a TR (although from the previous picture, the windshield did look TRish). I’m thinking it looks closer to a Sunbeam Alphine…


  2. Just checked out some Alpine pics, and the chrome trim around the headlights don’t seem to be Alpine. Not familiar with the Turner, but…

  3. That white car definitely isn’t a Turner 950. A quick glance through my collection of Turner 950 images (tag ‘turner’ on my Flickr account) shows several fairly obvious differences — this one has a rounded windshield, the shape of the bonnet is different and the Turner 950 has external bonnet hinges that reside toward the front of the bonnet. If that isn’t enough, the Turner 950 that’s been appearing at car shows around the northwest (assuming you thought this might be the same car, Chuck) doesn’t have any wiper blades — just a couple of wiper turn posts that are closer together than those on this car.

    All these images I’ve been snapping at British cars shows have to be good for something, right? 🙂

  4. Um.. Sandro? Note my statement:

    “I looked closely at my pics of the Turner and this car is NOT a Turner.”

    No need to duplicate that work. We know what it is NOT, so let’s focus on what it is. 😉

  5. Agreed: with a better foto I can see it’s definitely not a TR, nor a Turner, nor a Sunbeam, but I’ll be dingledangled if I know what it is! My next best guess is an Alfa Spyder.

  6. Sigh…..I guess I’m in a relatively unique position: I often think (though I really try not to!) of the cars that my parents *had* to sell, due to a business downturn, and that I’d still own if they hadn’t.

    One was their 140; it’s my favorite of the XKs (I fit in a 140, not so much in a 120; I cannot stand the looks of a 150, except for the coupe) and I’d say it’s in the Top Five of cars I’ve love back.

    Yea, right. When a bag of scheckls falls on my fat arse…..!

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