When X1/9 Marked the Spot | Affordable Classics | Sports Car Market

When X1/9 Marked the Spot | Affordable Classics | Sports Car Market.

I admit it… I have always wanted an X1/9. My older sister’s boyfriend (now my brother in law!) had one in high school. It was maroon. I lusted after it. I love their 70s Zeitgeist. I don’t care that they are Fiats, or that they go 0-60 in a quarter minute.

I don’t have a photo to illustrate this article because I haven’t seen a good X1/9 in a LONG time. If you have one in the Seattle area give me a holler. I’d love to shoot it.

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  1. “Minor rust around rear quarter panel and windshield.”

    Aha. That’s almost like an XKE that touts “Barely any rust, just on lower rocker panels.”

    Beware, be VERY ware…and working on the little shits? It IS the shits! Especially replacing the timing belt, with its *plastic* cogs….! And I’ll only mention in passing getting the cooling system bled!

  2. Last one I saw up close was at the XXX Drive-In in Issaquah during the All Italian Show. I wasn’t that impressed, even though it was in fairly nice condition. You can pick them up for fairly cheap, though.

    As of right now, there are two floating around on the Seattle Craigslist (one in Chehalis and the other in Portland for $2,200 and $5,999, respectively). They both seem to be in OK shape, but the one in Portland is much nicer, if overpriced.

  3. Yes, guys… I know all about their crap reputation. That doesn’t change the fact that it was a special car. Stratos-like styling in a very cheap, affordable, fun sports car. In many ways it was the first and last of two breeds: One of the last tue sports cars until the Miata/MX6 arrived, and the first of the ultra-modern styled cars that were affordable to the average Joe. Hell, my brother in law had a new one in HIGH SCHOOL!

    Not that I’m at all serious about buying one though… and by the time Nick is out of college they will have all transformed into exotic Italian iron oxide I’m sure.


  4. My object of lust (or at least longing) in the late 70s was the Lancia Scorpion. For a short time.

    Then I ended up with a 260Z, so I didn’t fare too badly. IMHO also a very nice, stylish (not to mention fun and fast) affordable sports car. I think it was just over $3000 when new in ’74.

  5. I worked at a gas station just out of high school in the 1980’s, I remember seeing one of these for the first time in person, the guy brought it in for a service. (the station owner liked to work on odd cars, alfas, fiats, triumphs) I remember this was such a little car, very tight and compact. For some reason I recall being fascinated by the forward radiator and extended lines running to it from the engine. I recall some issue with the flushing of the coolant. Cool little car.

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