Car Photo of the Day: Weekend Stumper (redux)

This car confounded the experts last weekend so it is back. Maybe I’ll run it until you guys get it right!

Here’s a side view:

Hints: It is NOT a kit car. This was a purpose-built race car, though street legal. The company existed in the 60s & 70s.

8 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Weekend Stumper (redux)”

  1. Congrats: You have me *absolutely* stumped! It looks to be the bastard child of a Marcos, a Renault LeMans car, and a Sterling kit car….!

    Since those are *real* Minilite wheels and what appears to be ‘beehive’ taillights, I’ll guess it’s British in origin.

  2. Being a Ford man I was going to say it was a Pantera, but as usual I am wrong 🙂 I would have to agree with vrooomie that it looks British.

  3. John Morrow aka “Mad Dog” may know what it is, as it both comes from the UK, AND I spotted it outside Rick Korn’s shop, not far from where John lives. I wonder where John’s been lately?

  4. Heh, love the Wikipedia category “Defunct motor vehicle manufacturers of the United Kingdom” Which turns out to be a much larger list than I thought.

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