Car Photo of the Day: By Dawn’s Early Light.

When the 2007 GTTSR left Banff, Alberta I had talked with Philippe Reyns and arranged to photograph his Jaguar XKSS. Shaun Redmond was at the wheel of the 65E and I was ready with my camera and favorite lens. As we left Highway 1 and climbed towards the pass leading to Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia the road straightened and the dawn light was … perfect. It was that magical golden crisp morning bright that makes everything look and feel … wonderful.

I motioned Philippe to pass me and starting right here the two Jaguars performed a pas de deux for the next several miles. I concentrated on shooting the ultra rare Coventry cat but for this shot I captured the scene itself and that amazing light.

One thought on “Car Photo of the Day: By Dawn’s Early Light.”

  1. Ah….

    Louvers, long, sexy lithe lines, and big sensuous bulges, looking out the long road lined with trees and terminated with mountains.



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