Car Photo(s) of the Day: The Big Black Healey

Here are two shots of the black-on-black Big Healey that has graced the last few CPotD posts. It participated in the very first Going To The Sun Rally I was able to join in 2006. It was driven very hard every day, yet always looked and sounded great.

Bonus points for naming the cars in the backgrounds.

6 thoughts on “Car Photo(s) of the Day: The Big Black Healey”

  1. Cars in the background?

    *WHAT* cars in the background??? Who GIVES a toss about them! I’m salivatin’ at that HeeHee….I still think the 100-4 was the best looking big Healey.

    Insert ‘Homer noise’ here…

  2. Um, 65 E-Type OTS, and maybe the red car is a Sunbeam Tiger. The rest, not enough for me to tell.

    That is a pretty Healey though. Chuck will tell me they all drive like trucks. Having never actually driven one I couldn’t say for sure. I’d like the chance to find out if it’s true.

  3. Correct on both background cars Mark. (The 65E is in both shots, and the Tiger in the top shot)

    Remember the crazy guy in the polished replica Cobra who drove like his ass was on fire? This is his Healey.

  4. I remember that Cobra, never met a gas station it didn’t like. Oh and just for the record I think Cobra replicas are dumb.

  5. Mark..
    1) 100-4 Healeys drive quite well, far better than the 6 bangers, and

    2) Why ya think Cobra replicas are ‘dumb?’ In many ways a properly built replicar, such as the Fast Five, has all the looks, more comfort and will outhandle/outbrake originals. don’t get me wrong, I’m not challenging your opinion, just wanna know your thoughts behind it.

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