Car Photo of the Day: Name That Car.

It Growls

I may have posted this photo before, but never as a “CPotD”. I ran into this machine at a local car show. One of those oddities that you have put out of your mind and then when it reappears gives you a chuckle and a shrug. Care to guess the car’s identity?

5 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Name That Car.”

  1. I had a buddy that had 3 of them. Last I saw in 1991 he was trying to mod one with the 2.3L turbo motor out of a ’89 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe…. Not sure if he ever suceeded.

  2. I was too slow on the uptake, and got here at comment Nu. funf, but I *was* going to post my SWAG which really was going to be a SWAG since I hadn’t a clue what it was:

    “Grrrrrrrr emlin?” Grrrrr nada?”


    I’m better than I give myself credit for!

    Side story: The Gremiln’s designer, Dick Teague, was a kinda-sorta wartime buddy of my dad’s. Dad ran into him at the 1972 SCCA convention and AMC was all giddy in their recent introduction of the ‘Gremmie.”

    Dick was *exceedingly* proud of the car’s design, but Dad was….*less than amazed*.

    Dick asked Dad what he thought of the Gremlin and Dad, always at the ready with a pithy non sequiter, popped off this question: “Well, Dick….all I wanna know is, where did all the trunks go, you cut off the Hornets?”

    Reportdely, Dick was *not* ‘tres amuse’ with Dad’s…..observations.


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