3 thoughts on “Early Spring”

  1. I’m curious to know what the photo would look like if it went directly to JPEG (by-passing the RAW) stage. I’m trying to figure out how much information is lost in the straight-to-JPEG process. Several people have told me I should be using RAW but I don’t think it’s worth it for a point-and-shoot. But I’m planning on getting a DSLR sometime soon and might start fiddling then. Something to talk about over our next beer…

  2. MD, my brother is an Apple-certified Apeture and Photoshop instructor, and very good at this stuff…unlike moi, who *barely* groks any of it!

    He asserts that all serious work ought to be done in RAW since, you may have a really good shot in a JPEG but everytime you dick with it, you lose quality (that’s how I understand it, at least.)
    I myself am like you: I just use the highest resolution on my PnS Olympus and it works well enough for waht I do.

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