Out Like a Lion…

Plum Tree with Snow

Rhodie in snow

Really weird weather here the past few days. It seemed as if Spring had sprung (as you can see by the flowers and buds on the trees above), then Friday Winter came back for a last gasp. Friday night brought about 3″ of snow. Saturday it went from rain, to snow, then rain, snow, etc. I went out to the barn to work on the Jag’s exhaust and it was coming down pretty hard. A while later I opened the barn door to find the clouds all gone and the sky filled with brilliant sunshine. About that time my friend John showed up with a barrel of WVO to make into BioDiesel. While we were unloading that from his trailer my driveway was turning into a lake! The snow was melting so fast the water had nowhere to go!

Then a few hours later the clouds came back. It is snowing again now. Go figure.