Update on my Exhaust: For want of a screw…

stopped the whole process!

That little screw you see there is what stopped my whole exhaust replacement project in its tracks today.

When I pulled the exhaust off back in January this screw fell out of the heat shield right above the mufflers. I figured I’d put it back on when the time came to replace the exhaust. Well, I come to find out today that the hole where this screw secures the heat shield is over-sized. In the process of finding that out, I bent the heat shield and now it won’t fit right. Oh well. Of course I found all this out after my favorite parts supplier had closed for the day. sigh. I’ll order a new heat shield on Monday.

I did salvage some of today though. I polished the resonators… they looked pretty grotty. I also dried a batch of washed BioDiesel, and wrestled with Mike’s very dirty WVO delivered by John. It is going to take some work to pre-filter this batch (of about 70 gallons.) Ugh.