5 thoughts on “Ok, enough already!”

  1. Yes it’s bizarre. Down here in Bellevoid we don’t have it quite as bad as the snow isn’t settling. This is rally weather and good opportunity to practise your left foot braking technique (you’ll need a FWD car, though).

  2. picture postcard stuff Chuck!

    we have been having Indian summer here and ben into drought conditions (for us) but the weekend has seen several inches of rain which has been great for the rock hard ground and dying plants….

    maybe this global warming is real after all!! 😉


  3. “MAYBE” global warming is real? Global warming is an undeniable fact; Global warming (GW) is undeniably here; what the jury’s *sorta* still out on is anthropogenic global warming (AGW). We can talk about that, later…

    That being said, allow me to say this chuck: Welcome to *MY* world! Snow? You call THAT snow? Oh jeez…you’ve been living in the land of liquid air too long…:):)yerwhining about a measly cuppla inches? Come try 3 FEET…:):):)

    Left foot braking works with RWD, too…just differently! One reason I *love* living down a mile of dirt, ‘cuz it keeps my ‘hand in,’ so to speak, in rallying techniques of whipping around a corner….weee! Will be great fun in the Jag, w/posi in it.

    However, I’d not mind a place a bit less snowy, in my dotage; Tucson’s looking good!

  4. agree on the anthropogenic warming bit (and we will never know that answer) – was taking the piss on the other…. geologic history (I am geologist by training and work in weather today) tells me nothing is static and the climate has always been changing in the past, very rapidly at times. also the dominate beings of the day eventually die out.,… and one day it will be our turn… and maybe it is not too far in the future…


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