grrrr & brrrr

stop it!

stop it!

That’s the view outside my bedroom window this morning… and it is NOT rain. Grrrr.

The other image is the weather radar from my OSX Desktop Widget. Note that the area around my house is the ONLY lowland part of the sound getting snowed on… all the rest of the snow is up in the mountains (where it belongs!)

Still waiting for Spring.

2 thoughts on “grrrr & brrrr”

  1. It’s coming down pretty hard in Bellevue right now but the funny thing is the sun is shining through: it looks like a spring shower but with snow!

  2. Yeah yeah yeah. I’m down here on the Kona coast visiting Wiecking and scouting some beaches. It’s in the low 80s, mid 60s humidity, (and volcanic smog wafting over the SW part of the island).

    If you were here you’d be complaining about the sun and the warmth… 🙂

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