Just a nice picture, with fond memories


This is a photo from my 2003 “Summer Roadtrip” with Nick. It is a view of him passing time with his gameboy as we drove from Colorado to Washington in the Jaguar. Note the rainbow out the window.

That trip was indeed magical and I have many fond memories from that week. Nick was nine years old, and a joy to travel with. I had hoped to go on another road trip with him (and his older brother) this week. I was planning to drive down to southern California with one kid, then have the other fly down and send the southbound kid home by plane as well. We have some Jag friends down there that would be fun to pay a return visit. Then I’d return home with the other boy. Chris will be leaving for College in the fall, and I’d dearly like to spend some quality time with them both in the meantime. This week would have worked well since it is spring break for both.

Unfortunately the car is still up on jacks in the barn (I need to order a new body heat shield … more on that later) and it is snowing. WTF is up with that?