4 thoughts on “Caption Contest: What’s this man doing?”

  1. Um… He is assuming the “worship position” for the lord of darkness in an attempt to bring life to his starter with the hammer in his hands. The force of the lord of darkness will be transformed through the worshiper and his rigid tool to momentarily dislodge the selenoid so it can perform it’s task for a fleeting second and allow the owner to carry on and enjoy one of the many other enjoyable routines of owning an english automobile.



  2. Or, more simply put, Shaun, he’s whacking the %^&* out of the Lucas distributor in hopes of getting his grinning wife *off* his back.


    Love the Simpson character-like “HAH hah!” look on the passenger’s face, kinda like, “I TOLD’Im we wouldn’t make it that far!”


  3. Hehe, MD….yes, you do! *nothing* like some well-placed and perfectly-aimed ‘percussive adjustments’ to A-Series Austin starters, whether they be on a frog-face Sprite, or a Mini!

    My 2000Tc rover also ate starters like jujubees, and it wasn’t as easy to access to whack.

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