Rain, mixed with showers and occasional drizzle

Forecast for western Washington

I love living in the Pacific Northwest. Really I do. Mostly because it rarely, if ever, gets very hot here. 80°F, which is about my tolerance for heat, is about the average peak summer temp. Oddly, it also rarely, if ever, gets very cold as well. This is all due to the moderating influence of a huge expanse of water to the west. You may have heard of it: The Pacific Ocean.

Weather here is very predictable. Unlike those places where the old saw “don’t like the weather? Just wait five minutes!” gets trotted out often, here you can stretch those five minutes into five months. In winter we have months of light drizzle. In summer we have months of clear blue skies.

My only quibble is the transitions between seasons. In Autumn we get storms. Big winds. Floods. Alternating grey and blue days. In Spring it is sort of the same, though the storms are nowhere near as powerful as Autumn’s. Some years we get lagging winters and others we enjoy early summers. This year, as you can see by the forecast above, is falling into the former camp. However unlike light, misty, drizzly winter rain we get honest to goodness RAIN. In winter rain you can walk across a parking lot and not really get wet. Spring rain drenches you in the same span of time or distance. As a homeowner it means your lawn is becoming a jungle but can not be mowed. As a classic car owner it means you look at the calendar and recall great drives of past years around the same time but instead look out the window in disappointment. Oh well.

Thirty days until the first JCNA slalom in the region. Hopefully the sun will come out by then.

2 thoughts on “Rain, mixed with showers and occasional drizzle”

  1. Differing climates are God’s way of making sure everyone is happy, and she’s purdy smart that way!

    With your `average~ of 60 days/year of sunshine, and `average` of 225 days of rain, drizzle, and clouds, I’d *shoot* myself…~

    No WONDER Starbuck’s got its start up yonder! I’d be parked directly under a kettle of hi-test, just to get through a day.


    On the other side of that spectrum (or, at least on one of the hexagonal sides of the conversation) I’ve found Colorado’s “mild” summers and winters to be to my liking, and as regards hot? Ya don’t gotta *shovel* it!

    Strokes and folks, definitely, so there’s no right or wrong answer but, I’ll visit you up there someday, but Seattle and environs could never be a place of residence for this sunshine boy!

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