Energy independence right under our noses.

Reader Benjamin Krueger pointed me to this video via Twitter. It certainly is a very promising technology.

I genuinely hope however that things like tis will prompt California’s Air Resources Board to cease it’s never ending jihad against Diesel engines in passenger cars. Otherwise we’ll still be buying petroleum from actual jihadists and befouling our coastlines for years to come.

One thought on “Energy independence right under our noses.”

  1. I really hope these guys make it. The potential of this kind of technology was impressed on me by my very forward thinking microbiology professors in the early 70s. An appropriate quote I used to like to bandy around and sneak into an essay here and there was from Louis Pasteur: “Messieurs, c’est les microbes qui auront le dernier mot.” (Gentlemen, it is the microbes who will have the last word.)

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