Chuqui 3.0: Instead of buying a zune…

Chuqui 3.0: Instead of buying a zune…

“Thinking of buying a zune? Well, surprisingly enough, according to Amazon, 10% of the people who looked at a Zune instead went off and bought a 16×10 two person camping tent. That’s either a lot of tents, or a really small number of views and sales. I know which I’m betting on.”

After I got over my shock of seeing Chuq von Rospach post a blog entry at some other time than a-minute-before-midnight (an in-joke between us), I chuckled at his quote above.

I remember last year before the Zune launch and every media outlet was posing the question “Will this kill the iPod?”… I said, over and over (never here, but in other blog comments and various mailing lists) that the Zune would be a non-starter. A failure. The “Bob” of this decade.

While Tech Punditry isn’t my gig, I felt pretty confident on this prediction.

Looks like Amazon has sold about 100 of ’em. 😉

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