14 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: DOHC Four”

  1. I spy a prancing stallion on that firewall tag, and the left valve cover is a giveaway too. It’s a Lampredi engine, but I can’t figure out what chassis it’s in. I’m using the hood contours, hood straps, the mirror stalk, and the inlet on the upper left as references.

  2. Side-draft Webers, black crackle painted rocker covers; smells like a Ferrari to me. I’m too much an amateur at this to go much further.

  3. Brent you are the closest, as it is a 1956, and Ben kicked off the correct line of thinking with the fact that this is a Ferrari (something I thought was plainly obvious!) but this is NOT a “Red Head” as the head is plainly black and the engine is missing eight cylinders that every Testa Rossa sported!

    Keep trying guys!

  4. corvairdad, I am wroth that you would suggest I would stoop to a search of the intertubes to come up with the answer. It’s all in my huge brain! (fakes indignation, throws up hands in false exasperation)

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