A Nice Sunday Drive


I managed to find, or more accurately “get found” by a group of sports car enthusiasts here in Bend who gather for informal drives. We attended our first of these the weekend after the Monte Shelton NW Classic. Chris & I brought the Mercedes, as the 65E was still disassembled at the time. The group met at the NE corner of Bend, and drove out to Prineville via one of my normal commute routes (so I let Christopher drive, allowing me to soak up the scenery!) We then descended the Crooked River Canyon, which is an awesome route, through town, by my workplace, then to Brasada Ranch for lunch. The photo above shows the cars all parked at Brasada. Can you name all the cars?

Here is the amazing view westward from the deck at Brasada:

Looking west towards the Cascades from Brasada Ranch.

7 thoughts on “A Nice Sunday Drive”

  1. the cars then….
    Austin-Healey of some sort, Triumph TR6, one of those Porsches (who cares), looks a bit like a Triumph Spitfire but something doesn’t seem quite right, Morgan of some sort – +4 maybe?, Merc tank, Ferrari of some sort? – your wide angle less does do a bit of distorting at the edges!

    the Jag will fit in well with that bunch!


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